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Diana Manks

Diana Manks

Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Diana loves to work with organisations that make a difference by providing support that frees up people to do their best work. As a self-employed virtual assistant Diana manages the behind the scenes work at Cultivating Leadership. She creates and maintains critical infrastructure and operational systems, manages events and appointments and serves a key role in furthering client relationships. With a passion for working independently behind the scenes, and an abhorrence for being micro managed, Diana finds that supporting the Cultivating Leadership team aligns perfectly with her values. She gets tremendous satisfaction from supporting the team so they can walk their talk.

Diana has a diverse background of working in the private and public sectors in New Zealand, with previous roles in project support, management of people and finances, and general administration. Her growing technology skills are largely self taught and Diana has a passion for continued learning in all areas of life. Previous experience includes self employment as a marketer for real estate, and voluntary work. A fun highlight was her appearance in a television commercial.

Working from home on the Kapiti Coast, Diana lives with her daughter, her partner and his son, along with Max the cat. She can be found with her family at the gym, working in the garden, reading and always learning, and practicing interior design in her home. Her happy place is in water.