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Growth Edge Interview
Coaching for Leaders

It’s a big ask to always be at your best in a leadership role—especially in a world where constant change and increasing complexity are the new normal. The relentless challenge to meet stakeholder expectations and provide a nurturing workplace can lead to an increase in your stress levels – eroding your ability to focus and have a positive impact.

Sometimes this can happen without you even noticing. You start to show up as a smaller, less capable version of yourself,  being more defensive and less creative—and limiting the potential of those around you, too. This can impact you at work, home and play.

Sometimes a leadership role can come with a deep sense of loneliness and isolation, and a confusion about who you can trust to talk through your deepest hopes, your darkest fears, your inner doubt.

To be your best no matter what the pressure, it helps to understand how you make sense of the world – to identify and recognise in action your personal sensemaking patterns. This practice will help you to see your limiting  patterns and how you might adapt those. Understanding your personal sensemaking patterns and triggers, and those of others, can help you to see different perspectives and options and to show up as your biggest, best self, more often.

The Growth Edge Process can help you develop:

  • The capacity to come up with more insightful, more innovative options for your organization
  • Greater clarity and understanding about your values and visions – in your work and in your personal life
  • Insights into what makes you stressed, why it makes you stressed, and what to do about it
  • More nuanced ways of working with and leading people

Research shows that leaders who have the agility to see a wider view of the world, and act on it, are highly valued by organizations. The more agile you are, the better you can keep up with a growing and changing world – otherwise it’s all too easy to become entrenched in your old, familiar patterns of decision-making. This can limit your growth, as well as your ability to set your organization apart from the competition.

Exploring your growing edge allows you to see yourself and others from new perspectives, to question deeply held ideas that may be limiting your growth, and to access more of your hidden self. The more possibilities you can see, the stronger a leader you’ll be.

Part companion, part guide, the Growth Edge Coach can help you find the limits of your current thinking—and then push (gently) against those limits to break through your current limitations and create whole new capacities. Our clients tell us that they have never been listened to so deeply and well, and that they watch their possibilities increase with each conversation as their minds expand and they get out of their own way.