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Nothing brings more joy to Akasha than supporting other people’s growth and development. One reason for this is that he believes advancing one’s development leads to an ever-unfolding reality that reveals unconditional all-inclusive Love. It is encountering and expressing this Love that facilitates a more expansive sense of self and identity. He feels that the world needs more compassionate leaders with this experience of identity and expression of love. He sees mature leadership as an outgrowth of identity work. Akasha also believes that developmental and liberatory possibilities exist when people radically and authentically engage across their social identity differences at multiple levels of systems. He pulls from adult development, gestalt facilitation, and mindfulness techniques to help his clients increase their capacity, courage, and comfort for navigating increasingly complex interactions and systems. He does this through his group facilitation and by teaching them to interrogate unconscious biases, practice cultural humility, and acknowledge multiple perspectives.

Akasha stands for the development of leaders who lead through a diversity, equity, access, and inclusion lens while navigating the complexity of effectively engaging across differences. He has been coaching for over 10 years and brings deep interest in spirituality, adult development, and intercultural consciousness to his work in the world. As a consultant, he integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion principles with ideas and practices from adult stage development, polarity management, and complexity. Akasha is known for his success working with men across differences, such as sexual orientation, race, age, country of origin, and religion. He designs and facilitates we-space gatherings and international retreats on leadership development, inclusive leadership and masculinities. He teaches at Fielding Graduate University in their Evidence Based Coach Training Certificate program and also at St. George’s University in Grenada in the Schools of Graduate Studies and Arts and Sciences.

Akasha holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University. He is credentialed through the International Coaching Federation as a professional certified coach (PCC). His active research interests are in the areas of coaching across differences, pilgrimage as developmental journeys, and meaning-making and complexity development in university students in the Caribbean.

Akasha is a pilgrim and enjoys being in the woods. He spends most of his time between Grenada and Bermuda with partner, son, and a very protective and energetic cockapoo dog. He makes time for goofing around with his pre-teen son, reading fantasy books, and sitting still doing nothing.