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Are you your own worst enemy?

Stop Beating Yourself Up – Learn How to do this today

Wanna try it for free? Sign up for a FREE 30-minute session and see how mindful self-compassion can help you go from your worst enemy to your BFF.

Mark Rovner is a trained teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion and a trauma-informed leadership coach. He’s known for his warmth, clarity, and humor. He’s also a diver and never met a shark he didn’t like.

Rebecca Scott is a Georgetown-trained leadership coach and has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for twenty years. She has a black belt in self-sabotage and a yellow belt in self-kindness.

The science doesn’t lie. Practicing mindful self-compassion reduces self-blame, overwhelm, and feelings of shame.

It increases feelings of happiness and well-being. It improves your motivation. 

So stop spiraling and give that inner critic a rest. We’ll show you how.